Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy

Administration of Personal Data

My Fair Forex Ltd is committed to ensuring the privacy of non-public information and personal data provided by all clients of the company as well as all visitors to and users of the website (the website).

Please read the following Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy (the Policy) to understand how My Fair Forex Ltd collects, uses, discloses, and protects the non-public information and personal data provided by you.

My Fair Forex Ltd will only use the non-public information and personal data it gathers in accordance with this Policy and the relevant regulation.

Your personal data shall be administered entirely by My Fair Forex Ltd AD, whose address is: My Fair Forex Ltd ZH_K “Nadezhda-3”, 321 Sofia Bulgaria, which the data controller.

Collection of Information

If a prospective client decides to enroll in My Fair Forex Ltd, there is certain information that will be required from them. This information includes, personal data such as name, address, date of birth, phone number, email address and tax code. The purpose for the collection of this information is for accounting and organizational purposes.

My Fair Forex Ltd collects information from the following direct sources:

  • online application form for enrolling in My Fair Forex;

My Fair Forex Ltd collects information indirectly through the use of cookies, which are addressed below in this Policy.

To ensure the security of information transfer, My Fair Forex Ltd uses an SSL certificate to encrypt information transmitted by or to the visitor through the website.

Use of Information and Purposes of Processing Personal Data

My Fair Forex Ltd uses the non-public personal information containing personal data collected from clients for accounting and organizational purposes..

My Fair Forex Ltd will use the data collected from the client to establish their identity in accordance with the applicable law, as well as to enter into an agreement with the client for providing the services offered by the company.

Unless the client is informed otherwise, the non-public information and personal data that My Fair Forex Ltd holds and processes is also used for:

  • reviewing the client’s ongoing needs;
  • enhancing customer service and products;
  • providing ongoing information or opportunities that My Fair Forex Ltd believes may be of interest to the client.

Disclosure of Information

My Fair Forex Ltd does not disclose clients’ non-public information and personal data to any non-affiliated third parties or to affiliated entities, except as permitted by applicable law.

Depending on the product or service concerned and particular restrictions on confidential information, personal client data and information may be disclosed to:

  • service providers and specialist advisers who have been contracted to provide My Fair Forex Ltd with administrative, financial, legal, research, or other services;
  • courts and regulatory authorities, in accordance with or as prescribed by law;
  • anyone authorized by the client, as specified by that individual or the contract.

Access to Information

Any client, after submitting a written request, is entitled to access the personal data collected about them by My Fair Forex Ltd. In the cases where the right of access granted to an individual may also lead to disclosure of personal data of third parties, My Fair Forex Ltd is obligated to provide to the relevant client access only to the part of the data referring solely to them. When exercising their right of access, any client of My Fair Forex Ltd is entitled to request at any time:

  • a confirmation as to whether or not data relating to them is being processed, information as to the purposes of such processing, the categories of data concerned, and the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data is disclosed;
  • a notification to the client, in an intelligible form, containing their personal data which is being processed, as well as any available information about their source;
  • information concerning the logic involved in any automated processing of personal data.

Any client is entitled to require, at any time, from My Fair Forex Ltd to:

  • erase, rectify or block their personal data whose processing does not comply with the legal requirements;
  • notify any third parties to whom their personal data has been disclosed of any erasure, rectification, or blocking carried out in compliance with the previous item, unless this is impossible or involves a disproportionate effort.

Any client to whom the personal data refers is entitled to:

  • object before My Fair Forex Ltd against the processing of their personal data in the presence of legal grounds for that; when such an objection is justified, the personal data of the relevant client may no longer be processed;
  • object against the processing of their personal data for the purposes of direct marketing;
  • be informed before their personal data is disclosed for the first time to third parties or used on their behalf for the purposes of direct marketing, and to be given the opportunity to object to such disclosure or use.

If the client does not wish My Fair Forex Ltd to process their personal data, they should inform the company in writing. In that case, My Fair Forex Ltd may not be able to provide them with information about services and/or products requested by them, and also the products and services themselves; and with regard to this, My Fair Forex Ltd will have no liability to the client in respect of the same.

Updating or Deleting Client Data

The client should inform My Fair Forex Ltd in a timely manner that their personal data has changed by sending an email to customerservice@My Fair Forex

The client should inform My Fair Forex Ltd if they wish their personal data to be deleted by sending an email to customerservice@My Fair Forex

My Fair Forex Ltd will change or delete a client’s personal data in accordance with their instructions, except to the extent, terms and manner that My Fair Forex Ltd is required to hold clients’ personal data for regulatory or legal purposes, in order to provide the client with the services they have requested, or due to the fact that it has provided the services during a past period, and must now maintain certain information until a certain regulatory deadline.


To make using the website as straightforward as possible and to improve the services it offers, My Fair Forex Ltd uses cookies and.

Cookies are information packages sent by the web server to the user’s or client’s Internet browser, and which are sent back by the browser each time it accesses the same server. These information packages are saved and stored on the user’s or client’s computer by the Internet browser. Cookies provide operational information which can be used to improve the user’s interaction with the website.

My Fair Forex Ltd uses cookies to:

  • gather information about the journey across the website of website users and clients;
  • ensure client and user security on the website;
  • store login details for the website;
  • temporarily store data input into the calculators, tools, illustrations, and demonstrations provided by the company on the website;
  • store information about users’ marketing and product preferences, which helps improve the marketing strategy;
  • store information about users’ dwell time on the website;
  • evaluate the website’s advertising and promotional effectiveness (the data collected by My Fair Forex Ltd is anonymous, and is not shared with any third parties).

My Fair Forex Ltd doesn’t use cookies to track users’ and clients’ Internet usage after leaving the website and doesn’t store information that third parties could read or track. My Fair Forex Ltd will not exchange, sell, or lease cookie information without the express consent of the users.

Changing Cookie Settings

To enable or disable cookies, it is necessary to follow the instructions provided by the web browser, which are usually located within the ‘Help’, ‘Tools’ or ‘Edit’ menus.


Alternatively, an external resource is available at, providing specific information about cookies and how to manage them to suit the user’s preferences.

Users and clients must be aware that should they choose to disable cookies in their browsers, they may not be able to access secure areas of the website.

Secure Online Services

Any secure online services the user or client has subscribed to with My Fair Forex Ltd may use cookies in order to enable information about the user and their preferences to be stored, and also to prevent unauthorized access to those services and information. In such circumstances, cookies must usually be accepted and enabled within the browser, since without them My Fair Forex Ltd cannot ensure that the user’s or client’s information is secure. This is the reason why users rejecting cookies can’t use the secure online services.

Protection of Information

Clients’ non-public information and personal data are kept in a secure and strictly confidential manner; they are accessed and used only by employees who service the client, as well as by employees who exercise controlling functions.

My Fair Forex Ltd uses advanced security software and technology to ensure a safe and secure trading environment and to protect clients’ non-public personal, financial and trading information.

Opt-out Procedure

It is My Fair Forex Ltd’s policy not to disclose non-public client information to third parties, except in legally defined cases.

The client has no obligation to provide any part of their non-public information or personal data that may be requested by My Fair Forex Ltd.

The client’s refusal to provide the information or personal data requested by My Fair Forex Ltd may result in My Fair Forex Ltd’s inability to provide its services.

Amendments to the Privacy and Data Protection Policy

Any changes to this Policy will be published promptly on My Fair Forex Ltd’s website and will serve as notification to clients.

Client Consent

By using My Fair Forex Ltd’s website, the company client and/or website user give their consent to the collection and use of non-public information and personal data by My Fair Forex Ltd, as provided in this Privacy Policy.


Law and Jurisdiction

This Policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, and any disputes relating to this Policy shall be resolved between the parties themselves, and in case of failure to do so, they shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Bulgaria.


Privacy inquiries can be directed to My fair forex. Via – mail to the box: