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MY FAIR FOREX LTD with legal headquarters in Sofia (Bulgary) zhk “Nadezhda-3” bl.321 vh.A et.6 ap.19 obl.SOFIYA, gr.SOFIYA 1229 Vat number BG204548747

My Fair Forex’s goal is to offer those who wish to open a Forex account the opportunity to make profits through the application to their trader account with a Professional Expert Advisor (E.A.) Robot.

This software will be assisted by professional traders working with My Fair Forex.


Of course, you’ll get profit from the activity by the Brokers where you have opened your forex account.

Clients’ funds deposited with the Forex Companies are held in segregated bank accounts and separated from the Company’s funds.

No, it isn’t.It is a projection, an estimate according to the historical performances of our traders.

No, it isn’t. It is a simulation, a pojection according to the historical performances of our traders.

The Forex Brokers suggested by MY FAIR FOREX Ltd are regulated and certified in order to ensure legality both in favor of the customer and of MY FAIR FOREX LTD.

No, it shouldn’t. The customer will pay the deposit only into Forex Companies banks.

The withdrawal can be made at any time upon request to support@myfairforex.com that will give you permission in order to avoid any problem during daily operations.

Most brokers usually give a non-withdrawable cash bonus to the customer based on the initial deposit into the Forex company.

Each broker chooses to allocate different amounts for the bonuses to offer to customers according to their current marketing strategies.


What are the bonuses for?

They let the traders operate in a more relaxed way; as a matter of fact, if the customer loses capital for negative closed transactions, the bonus still available may be recovered.

The bonus, on the other hand, allows the broker to give strict withdrawal conditions, since the profit generated was also made with the contribution of the received bonus .

So whoever seeks immediate return with periodic and regular withdrawals should reject the bonus. For those who want long-term gains thanks to the compound interest, the bonus is an advantage, allowing them to work with higher volumes and different assets such as commodities and indices.

If the customer decides to give up the bonus, he has to send an email to the Forex Company.