About us

/About us

The My Fair Forex project was born from the experience of professional Traders who have built and consolidated, over time, important partnerships with which to collaborate.


My Fair Forex’s goal is to offer to those who wish to open a

Forex account, the opportunity to grow profits through application to their trader account with a Professional Expert Advisor (E.A.) Robot.

This software will be assisted by professional traders working with My Fair Forex.


On My Fair Forex you will find not only people looking for additional revenue, but also nonprofessional trades, investors, professionals and those who want to learn to trade.


My Fair Forex offers great earning opportunities for those who register with one of the regulated and certified online trading companies, collaborating with My Fair Forex , operating on state-of-the-art platforms with various financial instruments, not just forex but also commodity and index actions.

Why choose us?


The performance of our professionals, developed over the years, is over 85% gain. Documents proving these profits are available on request.


It allows those who want to get earnings from Forex, and more generally by Trading on line, to participate in these businesses without having to learn trading techniques and study markets. MFF will do all the work.


New Assets will be proposed in order to offer always new revenue opportunities to its members that in this way enter in a continuous gain circuit.


The experience and skills of expert in the field and assistance of professional E.A. can be relied on.